Sunday, March 1, 2009

Tennessee General Scout & company

In November we finally broke down and got the kids a puppy. Actually it was more Skipper's and my idea but the kids jumped on board with the decision quickly. We had many discussions at the dinner table debating on a name for our new addition. Some of our options were Java, Tico, Fudge but Scout was the name that seemed to fit and it stuck. His full name is in the title of this post. Skipper did a great job with his registered name. He definitely sounds like a hunting dog raised in Tennessee! Scout is now almost 5 months and over 40 pounds. The kids love to snuggle with him. They can do anything with him from wrestling to dodge ball and Scout pretty much just goes with it. In this picture Shelby has him in a headlock trying to get him to pose for a picture. Also, notice that Scout has Skipper's shoe in his mouth. He has been trying to get that shoe since the first night that we had him. Skipper finally gave in today - granted the shoes are like 10 years old and falling apart! Way to go Scout!

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