Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Snow Days!!

The kids were so excited when they woke up from their naps on Saturday afternoon and it was snowing. I kept checking the forecast predicting to get around 1 to 3 inches...then 2 to 4 inches....then 4 to 6 inches! Like everyone else in Tipton Co we were shocked when we got up on Sunday morning to see 13 inches in our front yard! Here are some pics from the fun. We went sledding 3 times over the weekend. Skipper and I had to drag the kids inside all 3 times! They would have stayed out all day.
As you can see, we played in blizzard conditions on Saturday night. I kept trying to convince the kids to wait until Sunday morning to go out but there was not hope. We bundled up and went out in the blizzard with some friends in the neighborhood - Hudson, Cade, and Logan!

Yes, they all went down on the sled at one time. They did this many times! Under all of the coats and tobagans are Shelby, Hudson, Cade, and Carter. I think Cade had the best seat for this ride!
Carter is bringing the sled up for yet another ride!

Shelby and I pose before the action begins.

Shelby had been begging to make a snow angel since she saw the first flake of snow.

Enjoying some snow cream!

Every time we came in from playing the kids would put on their pajamas and get in front of the fireplace with their blankets, pillows, and their many stuffed animals and dolls. I think they loved this part as much as going out in the snow!


  1. Shelby may love her baby sister, but it looks like she knows how to hang tough with the boys!

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